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Quota and Group are the two most commonly used storage modes for NVR/DVR.
This article describes the configuration of DVR/NVR storage mode and application scenarios, which helps you better understand quota mode and group mode.

Quota Mode

Each camera can be configured with allocated quota for
the store of recorded files or captured pictures.
1. Go to Configuration Record Storage Mode
2. Set Mode as Quota.
3. Select a camera to set quota in Camera.
4. Enter the storage capacity in Record Capacity, click

1. DVR/DVR default storage mode:
DVR/NVR in quota mode default, the quota capacity is set to
0, which means all cameras will use the total capacity of
HDD for record and picture capture.
2. Allocate fixed storage space to each channel:
For example: The location of channel l is important. User
can allocate 10006 space for channel 1, allocate the space
of other channels to 5006.


Group Mode

Multiple HDDs can be managed in groups. Video from
specified channels can be recorded onto a particular HDD
group through HDD settings.

1. Go to Configuration Record Storage Mode.
2. Select Mode as Group, click apply, device will reboot to
take configuration effect.
3. After restart, go to Configuration Record Storage.
4. Click 2 of desired HDD to set the group.
5. Select a group number for the current HDD.

6. Go to Storage Mode, select a group number.

7. Select IP cameras to record on the HDD group, click

1. Redundant Record:

The Redundant Record option is only available when the HDD
mode is Group.

Note: Redundant HDD needs to be in the same group as the
read/write disk you need to back up.
2. Allocate fixed HDD to each channel:

For example: If users want to 1-4 channels be recorded in
HOD 1, 5-8 channels be recorded in HDD 2.

User could set two groups, set HDD 1 to group 1, choose 1-4
channels to record in group; set HDD 2 to group 2, choose
5-8 channels to record in group 2.


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