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1. Connect the camera to the power supply and connect the network cable, insert the 4G card, and wait for the camera light to flash slowly. NVR is updated to support the firmware of solar camera. Ensure that the camera and router are under the same router network segment, and the router is connected to the external network.

2. Open SADP, find NVR and solar camera, and double-click to open it.

3. Open the virtual server settings page (port mapping) of the router

4. In the web end network setting of NVR, record the external port of port 80 in NAT and the following four ports in ISUP service setting

5. Port mapping: map the five ports just recorded to the outside. The blue box is the port just recorded, and the green box is the external port. The ports in the green box can be set at will. After setting, record it.

6. To the camera web page, first check whether the 4G connection is normal.

7. Configure the ISUP protocol on the web side of the camera, the server address is the IP address of NVR, and the port is the external port corresponding to 7660 in the green box. The ID and password of the camera can be configured at will. If there are multiple cameras, the ID should not be the same. Save after configuration.

8. Go to the web page of NVR, add a camera, and select ISUP as the protocol

9. Fill in the device ID and password just set at the camera end
10.Refresh the page and see that the camera status is online, that is, the addition is successful.




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