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1. Enter the Heat Map configuration interface: Configuration > Heat Map Configuration
2. Check the checkbox of Enable Heat Map to enable the function.

3. Click Draw Area to define the area you want to count the visitors. Draw area by left click four end-points in the live view window, and right click to finish the area drawing.
Notes: You can click Select All to select the whole live view window as the configured area. Or click Clear to delete the current drawn area.
4. Set the Max. Size and Min. Size for valid targets by clicking the corresponding button and drawing on live image. Targets smaller or larger than the valid target size are not able to trigger detection.
Max.Size: The maximum size of a valid target. Targets with larger sizes would not trigger detection.
Min.Size: The minimum size of a valid target. Targets with smaller sizes would not trigger detection.
5. Configure the parameters of Heat Map.
Validity: Camera use this value to judge if a target it detects is a valid one or not. Invalid target will not be included in the statistics. The higher you set the value, the harder a target would be treated as a valid one.

Uploading Data Type: There are two options selectable for uploading data type. Dwell Time and Dwell Time and Heat Map of People. The uploading data will only upload Dwell time information if selecting Dwell Time type; if selecting Dwell Time and Heat Map of People, the data it will contain Dwell time and Heat Map of people.
Email Report: The data report can be deliveried by email. The report type includes Daily Report, Weekly Report, Monthly Report and Annual Report.

6. Go to Arming Schedule tab, and click-and-drag the mouse on the time bar to set the arming schedule.

7. Go to Linkage Method tab, and select the linkage method by checking the checkbox of notify the surveillance center.

8. Configure Shield Region if necessary. Shield Region is used to shield the area which doesn’t want to count the heat map statistics. Up to 4 shield regions are configurable.

9. Click Save to save the above settings.
10. The heat map statistics will be calculated in Application tab. Go to Application to check the counting statistics.
1) Select the report type. Daily report, monthly report, weekly report, and annual report are selectable.
2) Select the Statistics Type. By Dwell Time and By Heat Map of People are selectable.
3) Set the Statistics Time. If you select the report type as anyone other than daily report, the camera generates reports for the week, calendar month and calendar year that the set date belongs to.
4) Select the chart mode for statistics showing. For heat map, Time Heat Map and Space Heat Map are selectable.
5) Click Counting to start calculating

Notes: When you choose Time Heat Map, you can export the data in a excel file by clicking the Export on top right corner of the interface and setting the saving path.



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