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If you have connected the camera to NVR and want to synchronize the camera OSD and channel name on NVR after modifying the camera name, please modify the camera name on NVR.

Notes: Modify the camera name on web page of the camera, the camera channel name on NVR would not be synchronized.


There are three methods to modify camera name on NVR:

On local NVR:

Go to Camera-Display-Camera nameto input the camera name

On NVR Web Page:

1) Login to web page of NVR

Please input the IP:HTTP Port of Hikvision device into
the browser to visit the web page of the device.

2) Go to Configuration-Image -OSD Settings-Camera Name to set and save.

On iVMS-4200

1) Add the device to iVMS-4200 client

2) Go to Device Management-select Device-Remote Configuration-Basic

Settings-Image-OSD Setting- set Camera Name then save.


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