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No resource means device reaches its maximum decoding capacity, which does not have the resources to decide any more channels.


How to check device decoding capacity?

You can find device decoding capacity parameter on datasheet.

Troubleshooting Methods:

1. Double click the “No Resource channel for 1 window mode preview, if it prompts ‘No Resource, probably because your NVR not compatible with such high definition cameras. Please reduce main stream resolution of camera to solve this issue.

2. “No Resource only appears on multiple windows mode, we can check stream type for each window on live View page. Click icon


NVR default preview mechanism is as below.

3. I f problem remains after switching to sub stream preview, please go to device Menu- Configuration – Record- Parameter-Sub Stream to reduce the sub stream resolution for each channel.


Note: I or third party camera, it may prompts “this channel is not Supported” on sub stream configuration page. Please access camera through web browser with ip address, then reduce the sub stream resolution lower than 720p. The Max. Bitrate lower than 1024 kbps

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