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What does 8M Pixel Camera mean?

8M Pixel Camera refers to a 8 Mega Pixel Camera. One megapixel refers to one million pixels. An 8M Pixel Camera will be an eight million pixrl camera. So is the higher the megapixel, the better the camera? Yes. The higher the megapixel, the greater the number of details you’ll be able to see in a picture. In addition, Hikvision IP cameras comes with H.265+ compression technology, true WDR, IP and IK degrees or protection against water, dust and vandal are also available and many more features that will help improve the output recorded by the camera.


Hikvision 8M Pixel Camera

DS-2CD2123G0-I(S) | Pro Series (All) | Hikvision

  • High quality imaging with 8 MP resolution
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology
  • IP and IK degrees of protection for water, dust and vandal resistant
  • Audio and alarm interface available
  • IR distance to 100m
  • True WDR technology for clear imaging against strong backlight
  • SD card slot for expandable storage
  • Wireless network


Hikvision IP Solution

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Easy Installation

Featuring Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and preinstalled network cables, save time, space and money on cable installation.

Easy Connection

PoE Connection

The PoE Connection function helps connect cameras to PoE NVR without difficult IP configuration. Save electricity and data as they run on one single cable.

Quick Wi-Fi Connection

The Quick Wi-Fi Connection function ensures smooth and easy connection setup.

Auto Connection

The Auto Connection function makes Non-PoE NVR management easier than ever in just a few steps.

Easy Operation

High-Quality Imaging

Hikvision’s IP Solution provides high-resolution IP cameras with smooth playback of HD video at full framerates.

Mobile App

Hik-Connect app allows remote viewing of live feed, playback, and alarm notifications on mobile device.

Fail-Safe Design

Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR) ensures that video footage gets saved on an SD card in case of network failure scenario. The footage will be return back to the NVR once the network recovers.

Easy Integration

Hikvision’s IP solution is future-proof and easier to integrate with state-of-the-art
features powered by leading-edge technologies such as AI.

Easy Maintenance

Hikvision’s IP Solution allows remote status check, upgrades, and maintenance over the Internet even when you are not on-site.

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